Nancy Hilborn

Nancy Hilborn has been twisting, bending, squeezing and slapping clay for over 30 years. She loves the wheel and hand building, finishing the pieces with deep rich tones or soft matte glazes developed from metal oxides. An award winning potter from Cambridge, Ontario, Nancy and her husband were inducted into the ‘One of a Kind Hall of Fame in 2014. The “One of a Kind Show is the ultimate promoter of arts and crafts in Canada.

Carol Swandt Albright

Carol Swandt Albright grew up outside of Vergas, Mn. She was a potter for many years and then went back to Moorhead State University to get her degree in art and became an art teacher. She has recently retired and now has time to spend on her own artwork. Carol is very creative, hand building human figures, birds, fish, chickens, owls, vases and more from clay, adding color by glazing or staining the pieces.