Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon has lived in the beautiful hardwood forest of Northern Minnesota for most of his adult life. Nature and art continue to provide inspiration and direction for his work. His artistic career began with clay, after studying ceramics in college and following an internship, he worked as a full time potter. After many years he shifted to metals. It started with copper and now includes steel, stainless steel, bronze and core-ten steel.

He has always been interested in combining different materials which complement each other and form a cohesive whole. Patrick has the copper plates spun into the bowl or plate shapes – this is done by a separate business that specializes in spinning metals. When Patrick gets the plates they are cleaned of grease from the spinning process and ground to a clean surface. The plate can be welded on, usually a welded edge and sometimes welded designs.

The coloration is achieved with an oxygen/acetylene torch. Each piece is sealed with a commercial lacquer that chemically bonds with the copper to protect the colors and prevents tarnishing.

Patrick’s other metal pieces are cut from specific sheet metals. Cutting ,heating, bending, hammering and welding is done to create wall pieces, as well as tabletop items, furniture, mirrors, and indoor and outdoor sculptures. Patrick takes commission orders for specific pieces.

Rural Minnesota is a wonderful place to live and work, and Patrick’s work is certainly influenced by its beauty and serenity . In addition to Forest Edge Gallery, Patrick’s artwork can be found in galleries in the West and Southwest and is installed in public buildings, landscapes, and private collections in the United States and abroad