Gayle Dashner Schadewald

Gayle Dashner Schadewald is a Vergas, Mn. native and is a graphic designer as well as a metalsmith. Prior to metalsmithing she was a wildland firefighter for six seasons, four of them being stationed in Monument Co. on a Helitack crew. Then she became a helirappeller and rappelled out of helicopters as a quick mode of transportation to wildfires. After six years of firefighting Gale transitioned into graphic design and metalsmithing. The wearable art created by Gale Force Design Jewelry is typically nature inspired and is handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado. Created from copper, bronze, and nickel silver, each piece is versatile in its fashion: you can dress it up or wear it casual. It is a compliment for most outfits.

Karla Urbach

Karla Urbach is a metal smith and mother of two residing in rural Minnesota. She fell in love with the traditional style of Navajo turquoise and sterling silver while living in New Mexico. Although it wasn’t until a few years after moving back home to Minnesota that she started creating with the medium, she had filled many books with inspirational drawings along the way. Her designs today range from traditional to contemporary. All pieces are made completely by hand using traditional methods, precious metals and genuine stones. When looking at her work you will notice a variation in tool markings and varied patinas. This is what makes each piece unique handmade art that you can wear.