Kathy Dougherty

Kathy Dougherty is a Colorado Glass artist whose magic happens with layers of color in a kiln when the glass pieces fuse together under very high temperatures. Kathy draws her inspiration from her travels, people and nature that surrounds her. Her work is filled with rich vibrant colors.

Melanie Leppla

Melanie Leppla graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology and embarked on her outstanding Career in fine art glass. She shows internationally as well as across the U.S. Showing in the Museum of American Craft and the Museum of American Glass, she has established herself as a major artist. She and her husband David work together in her studio in Vermont.

Dottie Boscamp

Dottie Boscamp Molten glass is the medium Dottie chose to work with because it is very responsive. Every movement affects the glass. “The glass blowing process is similar to dancing because I am always moving, responding to my partner, the glass”. Dottie graduated from Illinois State University having studied under the glass professor Jax Wax. Casting, mold blowing and vessel production were just a few of the techniques she learned. Currently she has a private studio in Laporte, CO.